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Wine Cultural Center Shabo

“Shabo” Company inaugurated the First in Ukraine “Wine Cultural Center Shabo” with the main goal of improving culture of noble drinks consumption.

“Wine Cultural Center Shabo” is located directly at production complex of “Shabo” Company, in one of the ancient European wine-making regions, its traditions were established in ancient times.

It is the exclusive cultural center in Ukraine combining operating advanced enterprise, ancient wine cellars, degustation room, expositions of modern sculptures and architecture, and unique Wine and Wine-making Museum.

A lot of events, improving noble drinks consumption culture, popularizing healthy way of life among young generation and strengthening Ukrainian family are held with great success at Wine Cultural Center Shabo.

Wine Cultural Center is a part of “Shabo” Company educating mission: to awaken a respect to wine as to centuries-old national tradition, to educate the  comprehension of the fact that wine is not only noble drink but also world history of wine-making, a part of cultural heritage of Ukrainian people. Knowledge of the wine-making and wine-growing history gives the opportunity of getting pleasure drinking wine and savouring each drop of noble drink.

Unique object, Wine Cultural Center Shabo has been already included by the European Council Commission to the tourist map of European wine routes. This project has been highly estimated in Ukraine:  in spring 2009 it was awarded with the first prize in nomination “The best innovation project”, at professional tourist competition “Black Sea Pearl”, and in 2010 the project received “Gold award” in nomination “The best project of regional tourism development”.

We invite everyone to visit unique  “Wine Cultural Center Shabo” and be involved into the fascinating world of wine.


Wine Cultural Center Shabo
10, Dzerzhinsky str.
p. Shabo, 67770, Belgorod-Dniester zone,
Odessa region, Ukraine
Phone:  (048) 7000210, (067) 5561117, (067) 5181986

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